Artist and designer Olga Saldivar is the heart and brains behind Blackhummingbird. She has always been passionate about creating. Whether it's on canvas or leather, her mind is constantly looking for a different form of expression. With 10-plus years of experience selling handmade products online, she decided it was time to put her heart into her namesake brand. Her painting background, along with a love for quality leather goods, is incorporated into every piece she designs. 


Blackhummingbird is modern and unique, a mix of the dark and light. Most importantly, Blackhummingbird is personal. Thank you for choosing us for your home.

Be still. Maybe you can hear it:

A flutter,

a beat,

the hum of those wings.

Music that soars from silence.

The smallest of creatures can leave the greatest mark; we hope to leave a mark in you.


With love and wonder,